Pursue Their Dream In Sports and Life

As a sports mom and competitive athlete, Wendy knows the rewarding and challenging sides of training and competing. Wendy spent countless hours inside the gym and sacrificed a good portion of her youth so she can train to pursue her dream of being in the Olympics. It wasn’t until later on in her sports journey did she become aware of how much mental toughness training played a vital role.

Wendy took this knowledge and later pursued a degree in psychology while also obtaining a certification in mental toughness training. Today, Wendy provides mental training for athletes who struggle with competing with confidence, overcoming mental blocks, dealing with negative thoughts consuming their minds and overcoming fears. Wendy works with each athlete and develops a custom program to help them move past what’s stopping them, get back on track, enjoy the sport again and succeed with confidence.

Whatever level you are at, Wendy has proven strategies to help you achieve your goals both in and out of the gym. The best part about working with Wendy is her lessons and strategies will forever be with you long after the physical training has stopped. She emphasizes life long lessons and strategies that are applicable in other areas of life, no matter what life stage you are at.

To schedule a free 20 minute consultation, email Wendy at: and visit her at

“When I first took my daughter to Wendy Bruce Martin, she was a broken 16-year old. She had developed a fear of tumbling backwards. This was met with frustration from her coaches who didn’t understand why she wasn’t performing a skill that she so easily had in the past. Wendy wasted no time and in their first session together, she immediately started getting to the root of what was causing her mental block. Her lessons were real, practical, and easy to apply to all areas of life, not just tumbling.”

~Mary Kay DeSimone

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